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So...here is the next very common substance that increases weight...and the irony of this product, is that people choose to take this because they are trying to lose weight!!

It's over 30 years since this substance entered the UK food chain...and it was welcomed by the masses as THE solution to dieting & losing weight. It was a calorie free substance that replaced high calorie sugar.
Aspartame was born.

Now...this substance has been the subject of controversial and detrimental health claims by many concerned nutrional scientists, medics & academics....yet, as we approach 3 decades of this substance in our food chain, the 'powers at be' continue to provide their own scientific evidence proclaiming its safety in minimal amounts...though, thank heavens it is banned in baby food.
Anyway, I will put a very interesting link at the end of this blog.

So, specifically...in this Blog...
Can Diet Drinks Actually Make You FAT??
The short answer is YES.

Aspartame is found in diet soft drinks, sweets, chewing gum and even toothpaste!
Calorie for calorie, it is about 200 times sweeter than sugar.  As a result, the synthetic sweetener is used in far smaller quatities than natural sugar...and therefore has practically no calorific value.
It stimulates the appetite...but because it has no calories, it fails to offer the body anything to satisfy hunger pangs.
This means that the brain thinks the body is lacking in nutrients...because the sugar is missing...and tells us that we need to eat more...so we reach for a carbohydrate snack and end up consuming more calories...and therefore we can put on weight!

For some 'scarier' information just google aspartame... and here is one link....
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