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What is it?
Kinesiology is the most holistic therapy available today. The ever increasing interest and demand for this fascinating therapy is a reflection of its success in identifying the root of clients issues....and providing solutions to help them move forward in the best possible direction.

How Does It Work?
Kinesiology approaches all health issues by using gentle muscle testing, which can identify physical, mental, emotional & nutritional imbalances, as well as dietary & environmental sensitivities....any of which can prevent optimum health being achieved. Each gentle muscle test 'taps into' the energy within your body and relays the information to the therapist who applies appropriate corrections.

Why Choose It?
Kinesiology is a safe, health-enhancing therapy, suitable for everyone...from infants to the elderly. It does not diagnose or cure/ treat diseases... instead, it identifies specific blocks preventing your healing taking place and provides solutions for changing to a more beneficial outcome for your Self.

Why Bother?
Kinesiology provides you with gentle procedures to Holistically manage the stresses of Life - regardless of your age. Stress...resulting in Oxidative Stress at a cellular leve, is caused by overloading the Body on one or more of the levels we function on, e.g.

Physically - muscles, joints, organs (heart, liver, kidneys, bowel etc)
Mentally - anxiety, depression, deadlines, phobias, overwhelm etc....
Emotionally - fear, guilt, anger, grief, frustration, resentment, rejection etc....
Nutritionally - allergies / intolerances and supplements
Environmentally - chemicals, fumes, products...
Educationally - dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD...etc

What Can It Do?
A Kinesiology session is called a 'Balance'...and can include the following benefits :

    * Relief of physical pain
    * Release of emotional 'Baggage'
    * Identify nutritional/ environmental sensitivities
    * Improve posture & reduce muscle tension
    * Increased vitality & enhanced Immune System
    * Improved sports coordination & performance
    * Diffuses learning/behavioural difficulties
    * Taps into hidden potential
    * Setting & Achieving Goals

What Happens?
Fiona has been using Kinesiology for over 25 years. After taking your health details, she uses gentle muscle testing to prioritise the best way forward for you. Comfortable and non-restrictive clothing is recommended to allow the testing of relevant muscles. This can be done either sitting in a chair or lying on a treatment couch.  A Kinesiology Balance will last between 60 - 90 minutes...and can be Fun!

What Will It Cost?
A Kinesiology Physical Balance - 60 mins - is normally 45 (first one 50)
A Kinesiology Personal Development Balance - 90 mins ....60
A Kinesiology distant session is 75
A Food Intolerance Test is 60 ...with Environmental tests 75