Success Over Stress
Introductory 3 Hour workshop for a
Healthier  Life

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* Simple techniques to reduce & prevent the effects of stress.

* How the smallest changes can have the biggest effect.

* How to keep pressure in perspective.

* Awareness of the effects of different kinds of stress.

* 3 Ways to relax quickly in real-life situations.

* Feeling in charge rather than feeling powerless.

* A Fun & Relaxed experience that could change your Life.

* With a Health & Stress Consultant with over 25 yrs experience
    in Kinesiology, Reflexology, NLP, Physical Therapy & lots more.

Location: Blackhall Park Natural Therapy Centre, Paisley.  PA2 6ST (Free Parking)
Date:   Choose either Saturday 18th March 2pm - 5pm    
                                        Sunday   19th March 10am - 1pm.
Cost : 50 per person...OR
choose a
Special Offer Below - if paid in full by 17th November 2016

A) 45 per person
B) 80 for two people
C) Buy two @ full price (100) and get one for     5 =  35 each
Contact:    Fiona Gass - 0141 887 7930
0781 808 2120
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This is the BEST investment you will make for Yourself...
...and you're Worth it!