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Weight Loss...healthily
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......we are all DIFFERENT...therefore we have different needs.
What works for one person ....will not necessarily work for or suit another person... therefore there are a variety of methods to help you with your weight management.

1. However....the first important contributor to weight loss is lots of GOOD WATER throughout the day...EVERY day.  Investing in an Ionised water machine that gives you a choice of PH and creates anti-oxident THE way forward.

I recommend this water ioniser & PH machine. The AlkaViva Vesta H2
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2. Next....Clean Your Machine!.....whether we like it or not....our gut and intestines are a haven for harmful microbes, bacteria & parasites....I know that's pretty gross...but true...and this is often the reason why people don't lose weight even although they are 'dieting' or eating healthily.
So doing a good cleanse with these substances...then using them for maintenance...should keep you clean :o)

3. Many clients find it very beneficial to come for Food Intolerances testing as foods can also inhibit weight loss.

4. Go Green!....Introducing lots of greens into your meals will help to change your PH to more Alkaline....and a more alkaline body, is a healthier body.

5. Exercise.  Short & intense 'bursts' of activity are more beneficial than long sessions.  Doing 90 seconds of high activity before meal times will keep your metabolic rate higher & therefore burning calories.

6. Good supplements to help you maintain a more alkaline diet & healthy lifestyle.
Going on 'a diet' is not the way to a healthy weight.  The best way is to Learn about the No.1 enemy....Sugar....and all it's different forms and what it does to your body!